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Customizing Your Lookup and Recover Forms

    Getting Started

    Keep your brand consistent. Sometimes you just want to either make sure everything matches up with your brand or you might want to make sure your shop is in the right locale.

    Well, this is where the Advanced Settings comes in.

    In this article I'll walk you through some of the key form settings that you can really help out.

    Here's a quick video overview of working with the Advanced Settings.

    Customizing Your Lookup Order Form

    There are probably a couple of different settings that you'll want to change.

    Placeholder Text


    One of the common support issues I've run across is the format thats used for order numbers. If your using a prefix i.e. something like #SHP, I would suggest customizing your placeholder text to represent your prefix.

    So instead of the default placeholder being #1001 your new placeholder would be #SHP1001.


    One of the great things with the Shopify community is that it expands beyond just the U.S. and Canada. Both the lookup and recovery forms can be customized in your own language.

    Although the dashboard is still in english, your customers will always see the lookup/recover forms based on your own settings.

    Track Your Order Page URL

    One of the most important settings to watch for is your Track Your Order Page URL. This is used in both the actual app itself and also the emails sent to your customers when they do a recovery.

    If your wanting to remove the part of the URL just make sure that you still keep the /apps/hasitshippedyet part of the domain.

    Here's a direct link to your Track Your Order page: