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White Labeling Has It Shipped Yet

    Why White Label

    Sometimes you'll want make sure there isn't any hint that you're using Has It Shipped Yet for looking up your orders.

    (if you haven't already, check out how to remove the powered by link here.)

    This process involves changing the proxy address that Shopify assigns to Has It Shipped Yet. Although most of your customers probably won't pay too much attention to the URL, you might still want to remove it.

    White Labeling

    Changing the App Proxy URL

    First head over to the Apps section within the Shopify Dashboard.

    Find the Has It Shipped Yet app and click view details.

    view details link

    Now we want to edit the Proxy URL:

    proxy URL settings

    Here you'll notice a couple of different options.

    The first part of the drop down gives you a couple of different URLS. Right now, it's been set to the /apps URL. Since most Shopify apps use this URL option it might be best to use something like the /a URL.

    The next part gives you the option of writing your own part of the URL. It's currently set to hasitshippedyet. Since we're wanting to remove hasitshippedyet from the url, lets change this to order-status.

    Click save.

    So now we can access the Track Your Order page at:

    Updating the Track Your Order Page URL

    So now that the Has It Shipped Yet app is accessible at /a/order-status, we need to update the Track Your Order Page URL. This is used to link to the recover your order page and in the emails that are dispatched to your customers.

    From the Has It Shipped Yet dashboard head over to the Advanced Settings (Settings > Advanced)

    Under the Shop Details section you'll need to change the Track Your Order URL.

    advanced settings

    Copy that new URL that you created (we'll need the full url including the http(s) part as well).

    Save the Advanced Settings, and that's it!

    Now you've been able to "white label" Has It Shipped Yet.