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Removing the Powered By Link


    You might want to remove the Has It Shipped Yet powered by link. In this article, I'll cover how you can go about it.


    In order to keep the free plan free, a powered by link is displayed on the Track Your Order page.

    If you're wanting to remove the powered by link you'll need to upgrade to the unlimited plan. To do that, just visit Settings > Plans & Upgrades within Has It Shipped Yet.

    Once you've finished the upgrade you'll be able to remove the Powered By link from the Design Settings.

    Head over to the Design Settings (Settings > Design).

    From there at the bottom you'll find the powered by link setting. Simply just uncheck that box and hit Save.

    Refresh the Track Your Page and you'll notice that the powered by link is now gone.

    White Labeling the URL (advanced)

    If your wanting to completely "white label" Has It Shipped Yet, you'll need to change the proxy address of the actual app.

    Follow this advanced article to find out how.