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Adding a Link to Your Shop's Navigation

Your customers need a way to find the Track Your Order page. In this article, I'll walk you through the process of adding a link to your shop's navigation (whether it just be a link in the footer or even the header).

    Adding to Your Shop's Navigation

    Navigate over to Site Settings > Navigation from your Shopify Dashboard.

    From there you will need to decide where to place the Track Your Order page. Most stores tend to place a link just in their footer menu, but others with a high volume of order status support requests tend to use their main menu.

    Once you decide which menu you're wanting to add the new link, just click edit menu.

    On the new link you've added, go ahead and change the name (something like Track Your Order will work) and then select web address for the link type.

    Adding the link

    Now paste in this link:


    *If your wanting you can always avoid using the part of the domain. Just make sure that it goes to {your domain}/apps/hasitshippedyet