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Why Has It Shipped Yet? Why Me?

In this article I outline a few reasons why Has It Shipped Yet makes sense for your business, and why you should trust me as the developer of an order tracking app.

    Why Has It Shipped Yet

    The goal is pretty simple, make it dead easy for your customers to check their order status.

    In turn you'll be able to cut down on the volume of support requests and build up customer trust.

    Has It Shipped Yet was designed to make things painless for customers. Other systems require customers to remember their order numbers and don't offer any other means of looking up past orders.

    Plus when it comes to making sure you brand is consistent throughout your entire store, Has It Shipped Yet has the capability to be completely customizable.

    Why Me

    I've just finished up my final year of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. I started this app as a learning exercise.

    But now it's become a passion of mine. Over the past year I slowly iterated on things to make things better.

    It's taken a while to get to the latest version, but I'm really happy with the progression.

    I'm hoping things will continue growing and expanding. If you ever have any ideas or just want to chat about ecommerce in general, I'm always free to chat.